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Do you remember?

I found an old book from my book collection. And I think to read it again, I know, this book is not need any more reviews, because it was a best book ever. But this time I feel different about her, ten years of time it was a question to me. But I swear I was not changed the place were she lived.

I sketch a small part of that book, to for you to read. Don’t try to get me, try her….

It’s a Russian story written in the eighteen or seventeen century about very charming woman always engaged with problems.  Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy is the author.  Did he guess that many women will bear in next two hundred years or beyond?  You know the book, is it?

But following is a simplified transcript of it…..

Happiness lies in doing one’s duty. She had failed in her duty.

If only she had another chance, she might have made good. But another chance would not come, no never. “Forgive me, Karenin. Forgive me, my darling Seriozha. Think kindly of your mother.

Just then the train stopped at a station. Anna was completely upset in mind, got off and began to walk on the other track. She did not know why she did it.

There was a train coming in the opposite direction. She was too late. That Accident at Moscow railway station came to her mind. She shivered. Yet Anna Karenina walked on……